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About Us

Our Philosophy

Established in 2013, we are an independently owned company consisting of respected Financial Services professionals, leveraging our deep practical experience to provide a unique unbiased view of the industry landscape.

We act as a professional and ethical partner for independent and expert advice in Asia Pacific, we aim to be a catalyst for innovation, partnering with equity partners and developers to create industry changing solutions.
We seek to create meaningful long-term partnerships with our clients, building on trust and delivering highly valued service.

Finally, we aim to be a client and market advocate to engage with industry and regulatory bodies on on-going change.

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Our Leadership - Our Expertise

AlfaSec Advisors is managed by accomplished financial service leaders with extensive exposure in managing global and local enterprise operating in Asia Pacific.

This expertise covers five key areas namely:

Strategic and business management advice for business expansion or development in Asia Pacific, and assisting clients establish footprint in Singapore and/or the rest of Asia.

Corporate and fund directorship experience in developing governance frameworks that are founded on trust, transparency, and accountability to ensure long term growth and sustainability, whilst ensuring ethical business practices and meeting environmental and social responsibilities. 

Leveraging extensive and diverse management experience to provide Interim Management services to companies faced with time critical needs.

Program and project leadership especially in business rationalisation, efficiency and remediation work with proven experience in leading large and complex initiatives. 

Funds and securities servicing expertise to support market entry or expansion, and product development or enhancing aspirations in the Asian Pacific region. Experienced in managing bench marking assessments and third-party due diligence initiatives.

The Leadership Team

A diverse team with the pre-requisite knowledge and experience  to deliver highly effective solution in an expedient manner.

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  • Roger Harrold
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Suresh Gopal


  • Suresh Gopal
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Philippe Metoudi


  • Philippe Metoudi
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"Our vision is to be an expert, ethical and independent advisor that creates meaningful long-term partnerships with our clients."

Our Values

We strongly prioritise the on-going confidentiality of our clients’ agendas and intellectual property.

We are fully independent in our consulting and provide clients with unbiased advice and full transparency throughout the process.

We only undertake work where we can provide experienced advisors to clients.

We act with integrity and honesty and commit to having tough conversations when necessary.

We maintain an international and adaptive perspective on both our service offering and company growth, recognising the increasingly fast paced and rapidly changing nature of the industry and our clients across the globe.

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