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Executive & Career Coaching


Please contact one of our representatives (see details below) or submit an online business enquiry via the  "Contact Us" link.

Executive & Career Coaching

In our executive and career coaching practice, we provide our clients with executive and/or career coaching services on a 1 to 1 basis that in conducted in person or virtually.We assist our clients in developing self-awareness about their strengths and weaknesses and empathy in order to hone their leadership skills. We help them re-invigorate their desire to learn and maintain a growth mindset.

Our coaches have proven leadership and executives experience, having worked in multi-national firms across several jurisdictions and have extensive cross cultural exposure. Using their extensive and in-depth experience they provide advice and strategies to deal with their work and career related challenges. 

Executive Coaching

We provide an open and secure environment where our clients can speak freely without fear of recrimination about their real-life work- related issues and concerns. We work with our client to encourage adoption of growth mindsets by focusing on flexible and innovative thinking. This is a critical requirement for today's leader,who has to be open, inquisitive and willing to push boundaries challenging the status quo. We help build confidence through our scenario based coaching sessions. This is a safe, confidential and secure environment where our clients can prepare and overcome complex, unpredictable and ambiguous work situations.  Together we review situations, unmask unconscious biases and agree go-forward strategies before actioning them. Through these sessions, we help our clients become emotionally more self aware and improve their listening skills, thus strengthening their leadership ability in today's fast paced and rapidly changing environment.

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"Sustaining a growth mindset by being flexible and innovative is critical to career success -  be open, inquisitive, and courageous "

We develop a personalised executive coaching program for each of our clients based on their personal objectives and developmental needs. We take an iterative 6 step approach in this program. We assist our clients with the following

  • Step 1 - goal setting and alignment (both professional and personal).

  • Step 2 – develop plans to effect necessary changes in leadership and communication skills and behaviours.

  • Step 3 – build an improvement plan focusing on developing skills and behaviours through practice.

  • Step 4 – agreeing the key results and actioning the plan.

  • Step 5 – developing and actioning strategies to develop our client’s brand.

  • Step 6 – review and monitor progress and provide timely and practical advice to our clients. Adapting the plans and strategies based on the progress.

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Contact us for a 1 hour, obligation free discussion.

Career Coaching

We assist our clients in making career related decisions and realising their ambition leveraging the experience and knowledge of our coaches.
The career coaching program involves 6 key steps.

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  • Step 1 : Reflecting on Yourself – we work with our client to develop their profile by cataloguing their skills, strengths, experience etc.

  • Step 2 : Your Career Aspirations – we identify and capture their career objectives and determine the drivers for these objectives.

  • Step 3 : Mapping Your Career Path – we map a path that will take our clients to their desired goal recognising that there may be multiple routes.

  • Step 4 : The Career Strategy – crafting a strategy that will enable our client to realise their ambitions and identifying channels for branding.

  • Step 5 : Assembling the Tools – creating the tool kit that will support the actioning of the strategy. This includes CVs, cover letters, elevator pitches and interview preparations.

  • Step 6 : Actioning Your New Strategy – getting our client’s profile and brand out into the marketplace and adapting the career strategy based on feedback received.

"Capitalising on an opportunity requires you to recognise it, review it  and action it."


Contact us for a 1 hour, obligation free discussion.

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