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Company Directorships 


Please contact one of our representatives (see details below) or submit an online business enquiry via the  "Contact Us" link.

Company Directors Service

We work with Companies in Financial Services to support their expansion in Asia, by providing qualified individuals who can act in the capacity as an Executive or Non Executive Director of an existing or new company in Singapore. Our Directors are often non exclusive and have a strong background in financial services. They can assume a range of roles for the company during change or growth periods as well as for the regulatory registration phases. Our Directors also sit part time on boards to compliment or enhance existence depth and knowledge of operating in Singapore and South East Asia.

Company Directorships

We like to work with companies where the engagement is bigger than a simple nominee director. We aim to support not only the formalities upon opening and fulfilling the requirements for necessary licensing, but also help to drive organization set up, in terms of applications, process, premises, governance and seeking staff to manage and drive expansion.

We can also help companies fulfill requirements for regulatory licensing in Singapore and help build good corporate governance in the local legal Entity. Our assignment is usually as a Non-Executive Director for a period between one and three years.

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