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Company / Fund Directorships – Interim Management


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Company and Fund Director Services

We provide bespoke directorships for Financial Service Companies and Funds with a focus to bring our expertise, ethical standards and operational experience to the table to strengthen management oversight and governance. We like to be actively engage in the company to build a clear agenda of engagements to support stable operations and business growth. 

Company Directorships

We work together with start-ups and financial services companies to support their expansion in Asia, by providing qualified individuals who can act in the capacity as a Director of a new company in Singapore. Our Directors have a strong background in financial services and can assume a range of roles for the company during set up and regulatory registration phase.

We like to work with companies where the engagement is bigger than a simple nominee director. We aim to support not only the formalities upon opening and fulfilling the requirements for necessary licencing, but also help to drive organisation set up, in terms of applications, process premises governance and seeking staff to manage and drive expansion. We effectively can support companies from initiation to securities Services and operational capacity to hand over to proprietary management.

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Interim Management

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We provide companies with interim management support to enable timely and accelerated change. We offer companies, the services of accomplished executives with international experience and proven ability to deliver results. This is both an expedient and cost-effective solution for companies seeking their strategic objectives when staff mobility is a problem, sourcing the right candidate is prolonged and/or the business is undergoing a transition. Critically, this allows the company to sustain momentum in achieving its objectives in these rapid and fast changing times. 

We are also able to service as Directors for funds in Singapore. Our Directors have extensive retail fund services experience thus providing them with a strong understanding of the industry. Also, as experienced Directors in Financial Services entities, we have exemplary records in governance and business conduct. They have proven ability to make strategic, ethical, and socially and environmentally responsible decisions whilst fulfilling our fiduciary obligations. 

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Fund Directorships

" We have a strong network of affiliates that can assist you with fund directorship services. We will gladly refer you to our network of affiliates."

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