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Independent Remediation & Monitoring

Assignments in Independent Remediation & Monitoring

  • Internal Audit Remediation PMO.

  • Sanctions violations forensic audit support.

  • US Sanctions Verification Audit Project – PMO.

  • Transactional Screening: Politically Exposed People and Sanctions Monitoring.

  • KYC Centralization feasibility study for Asia pacific markets.

  • Regulated entity governance structure – centralization of board minutes and meetings.

  • Corporate Secretary function and creation for Governance Control.

  • Know Your Client (KYC): guidelines, procedures, and regional centralization.

  • Operational Procedures: reviews and implementation.

  • Review and enhance Business Continuity frameworks.

Our work

For your reference, please find below some of the previous assignments that AlfaSec has successfully completed since its inception. This sample list highlights our ability to utilise to our diverse skills and experience to successfully meet our clients varying needs. We bring practical advice and solutions in a timely and efficient manner to ensure our clients success. Hence, in this rapidly changing and uncertain times, we are confident that we have the expertise to support timely and accelerated change.

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