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Expertise to Support Timely and Accelerated Change

Bringing the relevant skills, knowledge, and experience to create and deliver superior solutions in these rapidly changing times

What We Do

AlfaSec Advisors is managed by accomplished financial service leaders with extensive exposure in managing global and local enterprise operating in Asia Pacific.

We provide strategic and business management advice for business expansion or development in Asia Pacific, and assisting clients establish footprint in Singapore and/or the rest of Asia.


We are highly experienced and practiced in developing and managing strategies, and executing large and complex initiatives.Aside from our vast experience and knowledge, we also bring adaptability and resilience to ensure the successful completion of our assignments.

We are also able to provide the necessary corporate and fund directorship experience to govern financial services entities and help develop frameworks that are founded on trust, transparency, and accountability. In fulfilling our obligations as directors , our intent is to ensure the entity’s long-term growth and sustainability. We strive to achieve this intent by upholding ethical business practices and ensuring both environmental and social sustainability. 

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We are expects in providing Directorships, Governance and Fund and Securities Services to Financial Services Companies

For your reference, please find below some of the previous assignments that AlfaSec has successfully completed since its inception. This sample list highlights our ability to utilise to our diverse skills and experience to successfully meet our clients varying needs.


We bring practical advice and solutions in a timely and efficient manner to ensure our clients success. Hence, in this rapidly changing and uncertain times, we are confident that we have the expertise to support timely and accelerated change.


Number of Assignments


Key Customers

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Geographic Coverage


Countries (Asia, Europe & Middle East)

Our Practice Area

We provide expertise to enhance enterprise-wide initiatives that review global business models in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We undertake a detailed ‘as is’ model analysis to create better future results

Research and Insights

Stock Exchange Market

Quarter 2 2021


Coin Manufacturing

Digital Custody Evolution

Research Report

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Quarter 1 2021



Digital Transformation

Research Report

Our Associates

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