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  • Roger Harrold

Benchmark your DLT Plans and FX Model

Wouldn't it be valuable to know exactly how your plans and your operating model compared with your peers and competitors? Or to know whether the areas that you're struggling with are the same as everyone else?

With budgeting season just around the corner, now is exactly the time to spend 10-minutes benchmarking your plans and challenges in our Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) and Foreign Exchange (FX) surveys - so that you can support your next investment request with clear data points from the market. By taking part in these short surveys you can benchmark yourself against over 200 peers in terms of their DLT plans and FX Operating model.

Every respondent will get a full, detailed scorecard of how their responses compare against specific market benchmarks Just take a moment to complete our surveys below - and we'll send you your personalized benchmarking scorecard at the end of the month. So hurry to get your detailed insights survey ends in July

The Forex survey is at:

For the DLT survey, please vote here:

These surveys are being conducted and executed by the Value Exchange a fellow member of the The Securities Services Advisory Group ( TSSAG )


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