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  • Roger Harrold

Company Formation in Singapore Financial Services

Commencing a company in Singapore can often be much easier by engaging local talent as Non Executive Directors.

Expertise to accelerate the business goals and move faster to market.

The NE Director will support foreign shareholders and Local Management and Employees during the critical period of building a footprint n Singapore. They provide hands on guidance with appropriate location, office facilities, finding competent partners and vendors. They also can help with regulatory licencing - providing guidance in approach and response. With regulatory licencing comes compliance and the important need to adapt foreign rules and regulations to local requirements and building the environment to report, control and adhere to the license obligations. Then there is the area of good governance and social responsibility as a new corporate citizen.

This NE Director expertise does not have to come at substantial incremental expense. It can be obtained on a non exclusive basis through dedicate resources focused on a clients strategic agenda.

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