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  • Roger Harrold

Thinking about a Financial Services Company in Singapore?

Are you looking to establish a legal entity in Singapore with a mandate in either Fund Management or Financial Services and need experienced professional individuals to support you? AlfaSec Advisors are able to assist you with your plans by providing experienced Funds and Financial Services directors, and with our selected partner firms provide company formation, license application and company administration services.

We bring the necessary knowledge, expertise and experience to support the formation of new entities and guide their beneficial owners from inception to commencement of business operations. Working closely with the entity stakeholders and relevant local parties, we help develop and direct the execution strategy to support this market entry initiative.

At AlfaSec, our interests are those of our Clients and we pride ourselves on helping them succeed. If required, our seasoned professional directors will work with clients to create the foundation of success for handover to appointed Executives upon arrival and extension of work permits in Singapore. Finally, as we recognise the importance of speed to market in these challenging times, we ensure timely and accelerated change in order to capitalize on current market opportunities.

So why delay your plans?

Lets talk!


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