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Let's Take It Slow......

In a recent C-Suite discussion on digital transformation, a financial services CEO when addressing his management team, said "let's take it slow and get this right". This is the antithesis of digital transformation and reflects the lack of appreciation for the urgent need to shift organisational mindset and culture when undertaking digital transformation. In our research report, " Digital Reflections - Being Real With Sustainable Strategies" (, we discuss required cultural shifts and the critical role organisational leadership plays in instigating this required change.

Organisations that have been successful with digital transformation programs have successfully instilled organisational cultures that are predicated on the experiment, learn and adapt mindset.The leadership in these organisations demonstrated vision, and exercised both courage and resilience, to effect this vital change. They accepted that failure is an innovation expense incurred in any digital transformation program. The key is to fail early and learn from the failure, thus keeping the price of failure at an acceptable level.

Are you ready to release the pent-up enthusiasm to effect real change within your organisation?

Let's talk and let's not be slow about it !


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